Children’s Double Slalom Skier



About the Product

The Children’s Double Slalom Skier is a scaled-down iteration of our widely acclaimed Slalom Skier for adults, designed for up to two users to engage their lower body and core muscles. This equipment replicates the leg movements of the sport, providing children with a chance to unleash their imaginative skills while exercising in the local outdoor setting. Emphasizing enjoyable cardiovascular exercise, the focus is on fun rather than competition.

Technical Information:

  • Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Supplied with Stainless Steel fixings
  • Suitable for up to two (2) users below 140cm / 4’7″ in height


  • Improved balance, coordination and flexibility
  • A fun source of vital cardiovascular exercise.
  • Social interaction.
  • Imaginative play.
  • Our unique “safety stop” system.

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