Ball & Target Walls


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About the Product

Introducing our robust Ball Wall – a durable structure crafted from treated timber or tough plastic, meticulously designed to withstand years of enthusiastic use. Available in both plain and customizable options, our Ball Walls offer a versatile solution for sports and recreational activities.

Tailor your Ball Wall to suit your preferences by selecting from a range of game features. Whether you envision goal posts, cricket wickets, targets, or a combination of these, we provide the flexibility to create the perfect layout for your needs. Our Ball Walls are not just walls; they are dynamic canvases for a myriad of sports and games.

To amplify the versatility, we offer the option to add a Basketball Goal to the top of the Ball Wall, transforming it into a multifunctional sports arena. For added excitement, consider incorporating a traverse wall on the reverse side, providing an engaging climbing experience.

Recognizing the importance of sports for children, our Ball Wall serves as more than just a recreational facility. It becomes a space for physical activity, fostering development, and instilling a love for sports. With its durable construction and customizable features, our Ball Wall stands as an investment in the well-being and enjoyment of children, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.


Technical Information:

  • Minimum space requirement = 3.00 m x 0.13m
  • L: 3.00m, W: 0.13m, H: 1.84m
  • Safety surface not require

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