Bike Track


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About the Product

Immerse children in a world of imaginative exploration with our versatile Bike Track, thoughtfully designed to bring the excitement of real-world scenarios to the playground. Crafted from high-quality materials such as thermoplastic markings, outdoor carpet, or wetpour, this track adapts seamlessly to any space, transforming it into a dynamic play environment.

Our Bike Track, complete with inlaid graphics like stop and give-way lines, zebra crossings, roundabouts, and parking bays, is designed to suit any available space. It becomes a flexible and customizable addition to your playground, offering endless possibilities for active play.

More than just a track, our design is a tool for teaching children about real-world scenarios and the rules of the road. As young cyclists pedal through the twists and turns, they gain a hands-on understanding of traffic rules, fostering a sense of responsibility and safety awareness.

Elevate the biking adventure with our range of accessories. From spinning traffic lights to a drape tunnel, bridge, village shop panel, and interactive petrol pump panel, these additions bring a new layer of excitement and creativity to the Bike Track, encouraging imaginative play and role-playing scenarios.

Recognizing the importance of role play for children, our Bike Track transforms ordinary playtime into a realm of creativity and learning. Engaging in realistic scenarios, children develop crucial cognitive and social skills, including problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.

Turn your playground into a hub of exploration and learning with our Bike Track. Watch as children pedal their way through a world of adventure, gaining valuable life skills and creating cherished memories along the way. The journey begins here!


  • Can be made from thermoplastic markings, outdoor carpet or wetpour.
  • Designed to suit any space available.
  • Various accessories available.
  • Great for helping teach children about real world scenarios and rules of the road.

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