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About the Product

Introducing our Playground Fencing Solutions – where safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal converge to create the perfect perimeter for your play area. Whether you’re looking to establish a secure play environment or seeking to delineate spaces within the playground, our fencing options are designed to meet your unique needs.

Creating Safe Play Environments: When safety is paramount, our Playground Fencing Solutions offer peace of mind. Whether you’re creating a safe play zone or dividing spaces within the playground, appropriate fencing is a crucial element. We provide both metal and timber options, ensuring that your chosen fencing meets all the required safety standards.

Bow Top Fencing: Our self-adjusting steel Bow Top playground fencing is a versatile and secure choice. It can be easily raked to suit sloping ground, providing a seamless and secure boundary. This fencing complies with all guidelines provided by RoSPA and meets the entrapment criteria in BS EN1176-1, ensuring a safe and reliable solution for your playground.

Mesh Fencing: For strength, rigidity, and a cost-effective anti-intruder barrier, our Weldmesh perimeter fencing is an ideal choice. Made using 3mm wire with a 50mm mesh size and Polyester coated with a galvanized substrate, these panels include additional 4mm diameter wires for added durability. This option provides a robust solution to maintain a secure playground environment.

Timber Picket Fencing: For a natural and cost-effective aesthetic, our Timber Picket Fencing is a classic choice. Offering a traditional look, this fencing option seamlessly blends with outdoor surroundings while providing a reliable boundary for your playground.

Match Gates: Enhance the accessibility and functionality of your Playground Fencing with our match gates, available for all options. These gates are designed to seamlessly integrate with our fencing solutions, ensuring a cohesive and secure entrance to your play area.

Choose our Playground Fencing Solutions to not only meet safety standards but also to enhance the overall look and functionality of your playground. Whether you opt for the sleek Bow Top, robust Mesh, or classic Timber Picket Fencing, our options provide a reliable and tailored solution for all your playground needs.

Technical Information:

  • Steel Bow Top min H: 0.9m max H: 1.8m
  • Timber play area fencing H 1.0m
  • Weldmesh fence up to H 2.4m



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