Game Top Picnic Table


gameboard-1500-picnic-table-double-draughts-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-double-mazes-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-double-snakes-and-ladders-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-dry-wipe-noughts-and-crosses-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-ludo-with-4-in-a-row-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-maze-with-snakes-and-ladders-1 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-our-solar-system-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-playtown-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-snakes-and-ladders-with-draughts-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-sudoku-junior-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-super-slot-racers-1-2 gameboard-1500-picnic-table-track-and-field-games-1-3

About the Product

Our Game Top Picnic Tables create a great sociable environment for multiple children to gather together and socialise, as well as play competitive board games. We offer a variety of games to select from including, Super Slot Racers, Track and Field games, Solar System, World Map Quiz, Play Town, Chess, Draughts, Maze, Snakes and Ladders and Sudoku. Playing these types of board games helps children improve cognitive functions such as problem-solving, logic, reason, memory, planning, attention, IQ.

The Game Top Picnic Tables are manufactured using high quality, recycled plastic profiles, with black frame work combined with contrasting LumbeRock seat planks which are steel reinforced for extra durability. Featuring scratch resistant laminated game surfaces.

Technical Information:

  • BS EN 1176 – Designed to British & European Standards
  • Pressure Treated Timber Frame
  • 100% recycled plastic table construction
  • Steel reinforced seat planks
  • Printed table top design
  • Scratch resistant over-laminate
  • Rounded aluminum edging
  • Plastic corner protection covers
  • Ground anchors available
  • Height 0.77m, Length 1.50m, Depth 1.26m
  • Seat height 0.43m
  • Ground anchors available


  • Benches on both sides
  • Sit up to 6 children
  • A Wide Range of activity Game Tops (Get in contact to find out more)
  • Games suitable for children 3+ Years



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