Lean-To Shelter


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About the Product

Introducing our innovative Lean To Shelters – the perfect solution to bring the classroom outdoors and create versatile spaces for play or waiting. Tailored for educational environments, these bespoke shelters open up new possibilities for outdoor lessons and activities, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Designed with flexibility in mind, our Lean To Shelters serve a dual purpose, offering children an inviting undercover area for play while also providing a convenient shelter for waiting parents. The multi-functional nature of these shelters makes them an invaluable addition to any school environment, effectively expanding classroom space and providing an opportunity for outdoor learning.

Crafted with the well-being of occupants in mind, our Lean To Shelters feature polycarbonate roofs. These roofs not only shield against harmful UV rays but also allow natural light to filter through, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. This ensures a comfortable and safe space for learning and play, allowing children to get outdoors all year round.

For added protection and flexibility, our Lean To Shelters can be equipped with roll-down vinyl covers. These covers provide an additional layer of shielding against the elements, ensuring that the space remains adaptable to various weather conditions. The roll-down feature adds an extra level of flexibility, allowing you to customize the shelter based on specific needs and occasions.

For an eco-friendly touch, our Lean To Shelters can be equipped with guttering systems, waterbutts, and other rain collection features. This allows you to harness the power of nature by collecting rainwater, promoting sustainability, and providing an educational opportunity for students to understand environmental conservation.

Embrace the potential of outdoor learning and create a sheltered space that fosters creativity, exploration, and interaction. Our Lean To Shelters are not just structures; they are catalysts for a more dynamic and inclusive educational environment. Elevate your school’s outdoor spaces with a solution that encourages a love for learning while offering practical functionality for various activities and occasions.


Technical Information:

  • Quality treated timber construction
  • Roof panels block up to 90% UV rays.
  • Guttering and waterbutts can be added for water collection and retention


  • Designed and built to suit your available space
  • Choice of three polycarbonate colours
  • Can be fully enclosed and glazed with shatter-proof plastic
  • Optional roll down vinyl panels

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