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About the Product

A child’s natural inclination is to climb and explore, often resulting in the possibility of a fall. Our playground surfaces offer a solution with five levels of critical fall height and an array of design options to suit your needs. Crafted from impact-absorbing materials, our systems are designed to address critical falls ranging from 120cm to 280cm.

These systems feature the Matchwinner Velour top surface, complemented by a shock-absorbing layer beneath to provide cushioning and enhance safety. Additionally, our playground surfaces are a cost-effective choice, offering affordability compared to traditional artificial grass alternatives.

Moreover, our surfaces come in a diverse range of colours, allowing you to create distinct zones within a playground or establish a dynamic, colourful space. The versatility extends to inlaid graphics, enabling the incorporation of traditional playground games such as hopscotch, shapes, numbers, and letters directly into the surface.

Technical Information:

  • Needlepunch surface
  • Sand infill
  • UV stable
  • UK manufactured
  • Cheaper than artificial grass
  • Can be combined with a shock absorbing laying to cover critical fall heights of playground equipment


  • Comes in a variety of different colour’s
  • We can inlay graphics into the material

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