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About the Product

Introducing our Retention Solution – the versatile answer to transforming your playground into a well-organized and visually engaging space. Adding retention is not just a practical way to tidy up sections of the playground; it’s a creative tool that allows you to introduce diverse surface textures, creating distinct play zones for an enriched play experience.

Simple and Effective Tidying: Elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your playground effortlessly with our Retention Solution. By incorporating retention, you achieve a tidy and well-defined look that enhances the overall layout of the play area. This simple addition acts as a visual boundary, making it easy to delineate different activity zones.

Diverse Surface Textures: Our Retention Solution goes beyond mere organization – it’s a means of introducing varied surface textures to the playground. Whether you’re looking to incorporate playgrade sand, bark nuggets, shingle, or cobbles, the loose fill surfaces offer a sensory-rich environment. This tactile diversity not only adds visual interest but also engages children in a range of sensory experiences during play.

Play Zones Integration: Make your playground a dynamic space by seamlessly incorporating play zones. Retention becomes a fantastic tool to define and separate areas dedicated to specific activities. From sand and water play to messy play zones, our Retention Solution allows you to create designated spaces tailored to different forms of play, promoting a diverse and engaging environment.

Materials for Every Play Area: Our loose fill surfaces, including playgrade sand, bark nuggets, shingle, and cobbles, are carefully chosen to suit specific play areas. Whether it’s a sandy haven for imaginative building, a bark-covered space for exploration, or a shingle-adorned water play zone, our Retention Solution provides the perfect foundation for diverse play experiences.

Transform your playground into a haven of creativity and order with our Retention Solution. It’s not just about tidying up; it’s about creating an environment that sparks curiosity, encourages exploration, and enhances the overall play experience. Choose practicality, choose creativity – choose our Retention Solution for a playground that inspires and captivates.


  • Landscape Log Retention
  • Playgrade Sleeper Retention
  • Undulating Timber Retention

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