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About the Product

Introducing our Playground Storage Solutions – the key to a tidy, organized play area that not only optimizes classroom space but also promotes the invaluable concept of self-selection for children. Designed with versatility and accessibility in mind, our storage units empower children to take charge of their play environment, fostering independence and a sense of ownership.

Tidiness Redefined: Say goodbye to playground clutter with our Playground Storage Solutions. Designed to keep outdoor play spaces neat and well-organized, these storage units are a practical addition to any school or recreational area. Enjoy the benefits of a tidy playground that fosters a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for children.

Classroom Space Optimization: When internal storage space is at a premium, our Playground Storage Solutions step in to alleviate the challenge. These units provide a seamless extension to your storage capacity, allowing you to transfer items from the classroom to the playground without sacrificing valuable indoor space. Create a more spacious and efficient learning environment by utilizing our smart storage solutions.

Versatile Sizing Options: Our Playground Storage Units come in various sizes, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every need. From compact units for smaller play areas to larger options for extensive storage requirements, our range of sizes caters to the diverse needs of different playgrounds. Choose the dimensions that align with your storage demands and available space.

Practical Illustrations: The playground storage units illustrated showcase the adaptability and functionality of our storage solutions. These units are thoughtfully designed to cater to a variety of storage needs, from sports equipment to outdoor toys. Explore the possibilities of creating a well-organized and visually appealing playground with our illustrated storage units.

Promoting Self-Selection: Recognizing the importance of self-selection for children, our Playground Storage Solutions encourage autonomy and decision-making. By providing accessible storage options, children can independently choose and access their play materials. This not only fosters a sense of responsibility but also allows kids to actively engage with their environment, promoting creativity and imaginative play.

Transform your playground into a haven of order, functionality, and self-discovery with our Playground Storage Solutions. By embracing these units, you not only keep the play area tidy but also empower children to make choices and shape their play experiences. Choose practicality, choose organization, choose self-selection – choose our Playground Storage Solutions for a clutter-free and empowering play space.

Technical Information:

  • Steel storage units are fully galvanised
  • All of our storage units and sheds are easily accessible to children
  • Available in a range of sizes with optional extras
  • Please contact us with your requirements for exact specification of the relevant unit


  • Timber storage sheds with shelves
  • Trike/Bike storage sheds
  • Heavy duty steel storage units
  • Choice of colours to suit any environment
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

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