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About the Product

Create a captivating space for imagination and learning with our Storytellers Area – a thoughtfully designed setting that centers around the storytellers’ chair, forming a perfect stage for the magic of storytelling. The focal point, the storytellers’ chair, is complemented by bench seating and charming mushroom seats to create an enchanting audience space.

Define and enhance the Storytellers Area using retention elements such as landscape logs or sleepers, allowing you to effectively zone off the space. Additionally, the choice of surfacing not only adds an aesthetic touch but also serves as a practical way to delineate and unify the storytelling space within your playground.

The benefits of storytelling for children are profound, and our Storytellers Area provides an ideal setting for these advantages to unfold. As children gather around the storytellers’ chair, they engage in active listening, language development, and the cultivation of a rich imagination. Storytelling fosters a love for literature, enhances cognitive skills, and encourages social interaction among young learners.

Elevate your playground experience with the Storytellers Area – a space that goes beyond physical play, providing a platform for the nurturing power of storytelling. Watch as children immerse themselves in the wonders of narratives, fostering a love for learning and creativity in an enchanting outdoor setting.


  • Storytellers Chair
  • Modular Bench Seating
  • Simple Bench Seating
  • Mushroom Seats
  • Choice of retention to partition area
  • Choice of surfacing

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