Tongue Drum Musical Play Panel


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About the Product

The Musical Play Panel with a Tongue Drum offers a superb oriental sound produced by a stainless steel tongue drum, playable by hand or with a beater.

This high-quality panel features musically tuned instrument inserts, making it versatile for various uses. Constructed from HDPE, the panel includes a tuned stainless steel tongue drum that doesn’t necessitate a beater. Specifically designed for controlled environments, it provides a unique and enjoyable musical experience.

Technical Information:

  • Small Panel: L: 0.80m, W: 0.12m, H: 0.82m
  • Large Panel: L: 0.80m, W: 0.12m, H: 0.59m
  • BS EN 1176 – Designed to British & European Standards
  • Designed for use in controlled environments
  • Posts also available
  • Suitable for children 2+ Years


  • Panel – Two Colour High Density Polyethylene(HDPE)
  • Tongue Drum – Stainless steel with brushed finish
  • Can be played by hand or with a beater.
  • Variety of colour’s and custom engraving available upon request

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