Welly Rack


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About the Product

Introducing our Custom Welly Storage Rack – the ultimate solution for keeping your children’s wellies organized and accessible. Specially designed with convenience in mind, this storage unit is the perfect addition to any play area, ensuring that little ones can independently gear up for wet and messy adventures.

Custom Design: Our Welly Storage Rack is thoughtfully designed with the unique needs of children in mind. The custom layout allows for easy storage and retrieval of wellies, empowering children to take charge of their own belongings as they prepare for outdoor play.

Child-Friendly Access: Say goodbye to struggling with shoe storage! Our Welly Storage Rack enables children to independently access their wellies, fostering a sense of responsibility and independence. Encourage a seamless transition from playtime to outdoor exploration with a storage solution designed with kids in mind.

Bench Inclusion Option: Enhance the functionality of your Welly Storage Rack by including an optional bench. This addition not only provides a convenient seating area for little ones to comfortably put on and take off their wellies but also maximizes the utility of the storage unit, making it a versatile piece for any play space.

Free Standing or Wall Mounted: Tailor the setup to your space with the flexibility of a free-standing or wall-mounted design. Whether you prefer a standalone unit or a wall-mounted solution to save floor space, our Welly Storage Rack adapts to your specific needs and spatial requirements.

Promoting Independence: The design of our Welly Storage Rack aligns with the Montessori philosophy of promoting independence in children. By offering easy access to their wellies, kids can take an active role in preparing for outdoor play, instilling a sense of autonomy and confidence.

Invest in a storage solution that makes getting ready for messy play a breeze. Our Custom Welly Storage Rack combines practicality with child-friendly design, ensuring that the transition from indoor to outdoor adventures is smooth and stress-free. Choose convenience, choose organization – choose our Welly Storage Rack for a clutter-free and delightful playtime experience.


  • Can be wall mounted or free standing.
  • Designed to hold as many wellies as required up to 10 pairs per rack
  • Bench option

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