Action Zone Mini

  • Decks at 600mm high and 900mm high
  • Available in four different configurations
  • Components available in a choice of colours
  • Ideal for EYFS play environments
  • £2399

The mini versions of our Action Zone Climbing Structure are ideal for areas where space is tight. Available in four different configurations, with either a Hand over Hand, Net, Ramp or Slide, we can build the unit to your exact requirements. The Action Zone Mini Climbing Structures are perfect for EYFS play enviornments.

Technical Information
  • Max Deck Height = 900mm
  • With Hand Over Hand - L: 1.60m, W: 2.37m, H: 2.60m - Free Space Requirement = 5.30m x 4.60m - Max Fall Height = 1.5m
  • With Net - L: 1.65m, W: 2.52m, H: 2.60m - Free Space Requirement = 5.50m x 4.50m
  • With Ramp - L: 1.63m, W: 1.94m, H: 2.60m - Free Space Requirement = 4.95m x 4.60m
  • With Slide - L: 1.66m, W: 2.24m, H: 2.60m - Free Space Requirement = 5.75m x 4.50m