• Rock ramp with rope
  • Arched ladder
  • Play Deck at 900mm
  • Vertical rope traverse
  • Play Deck at 1200mm
  • Lily pad steps
  • Sail shaped climbing wall
  • Rope Bridge
  • Play Deck at 1500mm
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Rope ladder
  • Stainless steel slide from 1500mm deck
  • Bench seat below deck

The Orinoco is yet another play frame packed with exciting features.  In addition, due to its innovative design, the configuration of the Orinoco can be altered to suit the space available.  It is therefore available in both the U-shaped configuration, as illustrated, or in a linear configuration if needed.

Technical Information
  • Minimum space requirement = 9.37m x 8.64m
  • L: 6.01m, W: 5.78m, H: 4.60m
  • Safety surface area = 64m2 minimum. Free height of fall = 2.20m