• 900mm high deck with fireman's pole and ladder
  • 900mm high deck with rock ramp and pull up rope
  • 1200mm high tower with roof and windows
  • Log bridge between 1200mm high and 900mm high decks with rope sides
  • 2x Enclosed shop play panels

Designed to be a compact climbing structure bursting with play value! The Sunburst features a variety of activities each with a different level of challenge. As well as physical play, the addition of the shop play panels allow opportunities for social and imaginative play.

Technical Information
  • L: 2.50m, W: 2.50m, H: 2.90m
  • Max Deck Height = 1200mm
  • Free Space Requirement = 5.50m x 5.60m
  • Max Fall Height = 1.8m
  • Safety Surface Required