Workout Circuit

  • Timber Upright Posts with Powder Coated Steel Bars
  • Tarzan Ring Beam
  • Chin Up Bar
  • Roll Over Bar
  • Trapeze Rings
  • Parallel Bars
  • Inclined Sit Up
  • Aerobic Steps
  • Instructional Board

The largest of the Fitness Stations, the Workout Circuit has man features all designed to improve overall strength and work on a range of muscle groups. The trapeze rings, tarzan ring beam, chin up and parallel bars are all great for developing upper body and core strength. Whilst the having a step up timber for glutes and hamstrings, sit up bench for the core and quadriceps and press up bar for the pectoralis and arm muscles. 

Technical Information
  • Minimum Space Requirement: 11.23m x 7.84m
  • L: 8.03m, W: 4.58m, H: 2.25m
  • Safety surface required.