Builders Yard

  • Three Storage Bays
  • Hanging Spades
  • Hard Hat Shelf
  • Three Removable Signs
  • Rubber Bricks, Stones and Play Grade Sand Included
  • Hard Hats and Spades Included
  • Treated Timber Work Bench
  • Construction Themed Safety Signs

Our builders’ yard is a great addition to any EYFS messy play area.  The treated timber bays store all building materials, including rubber bricks, rubber stones and play grade sand. Each bay features a removable sign, with hooks attached for hanging spades, along with shelves for hard hats to complete the look and promote safety. A treated timber work bench is a great space for children to play and discover with construction themed safety signs and hangng hooks. 

Technical Information
  • Builders Yard - L: 1.80m, W: 0.70m, H: 0.06m
  • Work Bench - L: 2.40m, W: 0.65m, H: 1.15m
  • All building materials, hard hats and spades are included.