Artificial Grass

  • Blends in with a natural grass environment more effectively than other safety surfaces
  • Ideal for preventing erosion or for providing a solution where erosion has occurred
  • Should be back filled with play sand for best effect and longevity
  • Needs a rubber safety underlay to form a certified safety surface

Artificial grass is an excellent anti-erosion option to have below items of equipment where natural grass has been or is likely to be worn away.  Where natural grass might get eroded to leave a muddy trail, artificial grass ensures items of equipment can be accessed in all weathers and all year round.  Where the artificial grass is required to act as a safety surface, it needs to be used in conjunction with a rubber underlay.

Technical Information
  • Available in 2m and 4m widths
  • 40mm pile as standard
  • Commercial specification tape and adhesive for joining purposes
  • Depth and area required dependent on the type of equipment and critical fall height to be achieved