Loose Fill Bark

  • Made from seasoned, recycled soft wood fibres
  • Wood fibres knit together to form a stable, long-lasting surface
  • Available in a natural colour, a bright blue or gold
  • Needs low retention wall and geo-textile membrane

Although often referred to as bark chippings, this type of natural loose fill surface generally consists of recycled softwood fibres.  Available in natural and some bold colours, the standards stipulate that bark safety surface needs to be laid to a minimum of 300mm when used under play equipment.  The chippings also have to be retained, usually by creating a raised timber perimeter. While it is probably the cheaper of the options available, it does require regular maintenance and topping up.  Please do call us if you require any advice.

Technical Information
  • Depth and area required dependent on the type of equipment and critical fall height to be achieved