Palace Fields Primary School

Transforming a tired tarmac playground, into a colourful and exciting space, offering great play value and different learning opportunities.

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About the Project

The teachers at Palace Fields Primary School based in Runcorn, expressed that their tired, tarmac playground was in desperate need of a redevelopment. In particular they wanted an area that would help the children expand their vocabulary and develop their language skills whilst playing.

We took on the challenge to transform their playground into a colourful and inspiring space, which would provide just as much play value as it would offer learning opportunities for each and every child.

We designed as many different dedicated play areas, within the available space. We started by incorporating a Messy Play Area which included our Mud Kitchen, Mud Store, Scales, Sandpit, Chalk Board, Wicker Nest Den and Mushroom Table with Seats. This area sparks children’s curiosity and encourages ‘child-led’ learning opportunities. Our Mud Kitchen allows children to collaborate with each other, improving their language skills as they describe their different processes and recipes. Using different kitchen tools and weighing scales, helps them develop their fine motor skills and basic math’s. A chalk board provides the opportunity for children to express themselves and develop their handwriting skills. Our Mushroom Table and Seats is not just a great place to socialise but to lay out everything they have cooked up together in the kitchen.

A Den Making area with an imitation fire pit, situated in the heart of the playground allows imaginative Play, team building exercises to take place and builds self esteem. Our Den Making areas comes with a Den Making Kit, which includes Natural Manilla Rope, Camouflaged Net and a Tarpaulin sheet to create a Den Structure. Whilst creating the den structure children are also encouraged to communicate, express themselves and learn new life and problem solving skills.

Underneath the Den Making Area we laid artificial grass to bring depth and natural bright colours to the school playground. Adjacent to the Den Making Area we incorporated a natural looking Crawl Tunnel Mound which we seamlessly installed within the existing landscape. This is a great physical play element for children to crawl through, around and over the mound, building their gross motor skills through imaginative play.

We used the existing shaped on the playground to create an interactive Bike Track, complete with Zebra Crossings, Traffic Lights, Petrol Station and Village Shop. It is a fantastic way for children to develop their gross motor skills, as they wiz around on their bikes and other forms of transportation, enjoying role play and understanding road safety.

We placed our Water Wall with Water Table, to encourage interaction, teamwork and the development of social bonds among the pupils. The Water Wall is a great way for children to explore natural elements. Water is collected and stored in a reservoir hidden at the bottom of the wall. The hand pump mounted at the side of the wall draws the water to the top of the wall which then cascade down the chutes and deposits into the Water Table. Children can understand the scientific principles of water and basic math’s whilst interactive with the wall.

To offer the children the opportunity to immerse themselves in imaginary worlds and enhance their cognitive and emotional growth we installed a treated timber stage with Chalkboard Backdrop. As well as this the Story Telling area included our Story Teller’s Chair, Benches and Mushroom Seats for the children to practice their spoken language and reading in front of their peers.

Finally, we installed a Garden Area which provides a quiet place for the children to relax, read and take time away from the hustle and bustle of the playground. Children can also congregate and socialise with their peers as well as their teachers to improve communication, build relationships and improve their overall well-being. Planters with trellis also help to create enclosed quiet spaces whilst also allowing children to explore nature on what was a large tarmac playground by planting herbs, grass, climbing plants and vegetables, giving pupils something to care for and watch grow.

  • Den Making Area
  • Messy Play Area with Mud Kitchen, Mud Store, Scales, Sandpit, Chalk Board, Wicker Nest Den and Mushroom Table with Seats.
  • Water Wall with Water Table
  • Interactive Bike Track
  • Story Tellers Area
  • Stage with Chalkboard Backdrop
  • Zen Den Area

Blackshaw Primary School

“Both playgrounds look so different! The children love it and are having a great time exploring their new equipment”

Julie Carrington , Business Manager

Handcross Park School

“It has now had two terms of busy use and still every day it makes me smile – and the children too. It is such a magical space with so much opportunity”

Jason Gayler, Head of Pre-Prep & Nursery

The Peterborough School

“The design, equipment and overall service was of a very high standard.”

Chris Charlton, Bursar

Batley Grammar School

“I can’t tell you how happy we are with the work and how the plans have come to fruition, thank you to you and all the team at Playground Imagineering.”

Karen Dack, Business Manager

The Cathedral School

“Great value and a quick turnaround, the playground was transformed in just 3 days.”

Mrs Wiskin, Headteacher

Beaumont Primary School

“It was the best design and most competitively priced quotation… they really brought our ideas to life!”

Victoria Griffiths , EYFS Lead

Hindley Junior and Infant School

“The design and finished installation was exactly what we had in mind…the children love it!”

Steven Hyde, Site Manager

Holy Trinity Primary School

“We love the bridge over the tunnel and more importantly, so do the children… it’s been a great success.”

Maggie Thomson, Business Manager

Urmston Infant School

“Playground Imagineering’s bespoke climbing structure was the perfect solution to utilise an awkward space.”

Mark Doherty , Deputy Headteacher

Rupert House School

“Playground Imagineering’s initial design was excellent and they were happy to make the few tweaks we asked for to ensure we got exactly what we wanted. Not only did they deliver the design they also did it on time and to a very high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Mr Kim Rawlingson, Bursar

Avondale Primary School

“It was difficult to envisage what could be achieved with our long, narrow outdoor area. Playground Imagineering’s choice of equipment and well thought out design has completely transformed transformed the playground and utilised the space perfectly.”

Vicky Brown, Headteacher

St John’s Primary School

“We have used Playground Imagineering for a number of projects and they have always exceeded our expectations.”

Mark Speakman, Headteacher

St. Thomas’s Primary School

“A professional approach was taken throughout and our pupils are delighted with the new equipment.”

Sheryl Farnworth, Headteacher

St. Michael’s Primary School

“The new play areas have greatly enhanced our provision and provided our pupils with many hours of enjoyable learning and development opportunities. For much of the work, the children’s ideas have also been carefully incorporated by the Playground Imagineering team into the equipment and areas they have provided. The attention to detail has been greatly valued.”

Alison Hart, Headteacher

St. Hugh of Lincoln Primary School

“After obtaining three quotes for our playground project, we decided to go with Playground Imagineering for the following reasons: I was very impressed with their presentation and proposal as they planned the project with our needs in mind and I felt I was receiving a bespoke service rather than an off the peg solution. As a result the product matches our needs and that of the site perfectly. They were always professional,  responsive and when changes were requested, they were dealt with smoothly and without question. I would have no hesitation in recommending Playground Imagineering.”

Mark Mountcastle , Headteacher

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