The William Hogarth School

The William Hogarth School Transformation

  • Site cleared and prepared the areas for redevelopment.
  • Timber picket fence around the perimeter to create a safe compound.
  • Treated log retention to create clear play zones but keep an natural feel.
  • Sand Play Area with play sand infill, decking platforms and rope pulley system.
  • Messy Play Area with bark infill, mud kitchen, mud store, post mounted chalkboard and mushroom table & chairs.
  • Digging Boxes
  • Den making area with camouflage net canopy strung between the existing trees with mushroom seats and cobble ‘fire pit’.
  • Construction zone with shingle infill, activity table with Belfast sink, builders yard material store and sand stores with rope pulley system.
  • Water Play area with sleeper retention, Scottish cobble infill and connected water trays and troughs.
  • Galloway Clamber Stack installed for physical play.
  • New turf laid throughout.