Wonky Walk

  • Quality treated timber frame and climbing posts
  • Nylon covered steel rope
  • Powder coated steel handrail
  • Off-set timber cross-members to create twist in rope surface
  • Low level trail item

Despite the installed handrail, the Wonky Walk does a great job of testing your strength, balance and co-ordination. Frames and posts are constructed from quality treated timber, with nylon covered steel rope and a powder coated steel handrail. For the Wonky Walk, a safety surface is not required when installed onto grass, however we highly recommend one when installed onto tarmac. 

Technical Information
  • Minimum space requirement = 5.52m x 4.18m
  • L: 2.52m, W: 1.18m, H: 1.22m
  • Safety surface not required when installed onto grass, but recommended when installed onto tarmac.