5 Bells Musical Play Panel


5-bells-music-play-panel-800x820 5-bells-music-play-panel-800x595

About the Product

Listen to the melodious chime of the Bells! Featuring five distinct bell sizes, you can play the Bells Musical Play Panel in various musical arrangements.

This panel introduces a unique sound to the musical lineup, making it a fantastic addition to the ensemble of musical panels. Crafted from sturdy and durable HDPE panel, this product comes with five stainless steel bells, each equipped with a beater attached using stainless steel cord. It is particularly well-suited for controlled environments, ensuring a resilient and engaging musical experience.

Technical Information:

  • Small Panel: L: 0.80m, W:0.16m, H: 0.59m
  • Large Panel: L: 0.80m, W:0.16m, H: 0.82m
  • Designed for use in controlled environments
  • Posts also available
  • Age range 2+ years
  • Panel – Two Colour High Density Polyethylene(HDPE)
  • Bells – Stainless steel bells with brushed finish


  • 5 Stainless steel bells with brushed finish
  • Beater attached with stainless steel cord
  • Variety of colours and custom engraving available upon request

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