Agility Track


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About the Product

Agility Tracks stand as a versatile solution, effortlessly integrating with various surfaces such as Bonded Rubber Mulch, Wetpour, or Artificial Grass. Beyond their adaptability, these tracks play a crucial role in promoting the well-being of children by facilitating physical activity.

Installing Agility Tracks on grass fields or tarmac playgrounds serves as an investment in the holistic development of children. The interactive nature of these tracks encourages regular movement, aiding in the development of strength, stamina, and coordination. As children navigate the track, the varied surfaces contribute to the enhancement of their balance and motor skills, fostering a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Engaging in activities on Agility Tracks transcends mere exercise – it becomes a dynamic experience that encourages children to explore their physical capabilities in a fun and enjoyable manner. The incorporation of supplementary equipment, such as Adventure Trails or Fitness & Gym Equipment from our extensive range, further enriches the overall experience, promoting a holistic approach to physical fitness.

By providing a dedicated space for active play, Agility Tracks contribute significantly to instilling a love for physical activity in children. This not only benefits their physical health but also nurtures essential life skills, promoting an active and confident lifestyle from an early age.


  • Variety of surfaces available
  • Installed on to grass or tarmac playgrounds
  • Designed to suit the space/budget available
  • Fitness & Adventure Trail items incorporated.
  • Gym Equipment items incorporated.

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