Daily Mile Track


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About the Product

Introducing our Daily Mile Track – a dynamic solution that not only promotes the importance of exercise for children but also aligns seamlessly with the renowned Daily Mile initiative. The Daily Mile has proven to be an effective means of encouraging regular physical activity among school children, contributing to their overall well-being and development.

Our tracks, weaving around fields, are crafted with diverse materials such as bonded rubber mulch, a rubber and aggregate hybrid, wetpour rubber, or outdoor carpet. Most surfaces listed will require additional ground works to prep for the finished surface. This ensures longevity and sustainability.

For those opting for a natural feel, bonded rubber mulch is an excellent choice, especially when installed onto grass with proper drainage as no groundworks are required.

The versatility of our tracks extends to various surfaces. Whether it’s bonded rubber mulch, rubber and aggregate hybrid, wetpour rubber, or outdoor carpet, our tracks can be installed directly onto tarmac without the need for extensive groundworks. This provides a hassle-free solution for schools or institutions looking to implement a Daily Mile Track on existing surfaces.

For situations where tarmac is the primary surface, our thermoplastic markings offer vibrant and durable features. It’s important to note that thermoplastic markings can only be installed directly onto tarmac and the area be used again within half an hour, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a visually appealing track without additional groundworks.

Invest in our Daily Mile Track to foster a culture of regular exercise among children, promoting their health and well-being in a fun and engaging way.


  • Bonded Rubber Mulch Option
  • Wetpour Rubber Option
  • Thermoplastic Markings Option
  • Outdoor Carpet Option
  • Single Colour or Colour Mix Options Available
  • Can be installed on Tarmac and Grass

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