Allotment Area


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About the Product

Introducing our Allotment Area – a dynamic and educational addition to your playground that serves as a miniature haven for cultivating curiosity and fostering a deeper connection with nature. Designed with both functionality and security in mind, this unique space provides an enriching experience for children while promoting an understanding of where our food comes from.

Key features of the Allotment Area include perimeter fencing with a lockable gate, ensuring restricted access to deter vandalism and maintain a secure environment. Large digging boxes and planters invite children to actively participate in the natural life cycle, sowing seeds, and cultivating vegetables and plants. Trellis panels provide support for climbing plants, adding a vertical dimension to the garden.

Bench seating within the Allotment Area encourages moments of reflection and observation, while sheds for equipment storage ensure a tidy and organized space. The natural bark surfacing completes the rustic aesthetic, enhancing the overall appeal of this outdoor educational haven.

Beyond its physical attributes, the Allotment Area highlights the importance of understanding where our food comes from. By engaging in hands-on gardening activities, children gain insight into the natural life cycle of plants and vegetables, fostering a sense of appreciation for sustainable practices and being one with nature.

Elevate your playground with the Allotment Area – a thoughtfully designed space that combines education, security, and a love for nature. Let this unique garden become a haven for cultivating curiosity and nurturing a deeper understanding of the natural world among the young minds that tend to it.


  • Good quality bark surface laid on geo-textile membrane
  • Treated timber retention surround
  • Lined treated timber planters and trellising
  • Quality planed treated timber bench seats
  • 2m high perimeter fence with lockable gate

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