Nature Area


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About the Product

Transform an underutilized or overgrown section of your playground into a thriving Nature Area with our carefully curated features. The natural bark surface, accompanied by a Large Insect Hotel, Bird Table, and Bird Bath, creates an inviting haven that encourages insects and wildlife to flourish, providing an enriching environment for children to study and observe.

Reinstating this space with trellises, planters, and a thoughtfully selected mix of climbing and sensory plants breathes new life into the area. These additions not only contribute to the aesthetics but also create an engaging and dynamic ecosystem that stimulates children’s senses and curiosity.

Interacting with nature is vital for childhood development, and our Nature Area provides the perfect platform. From understanding the life cycle of frogs in the pond to encouraging hedgehogs and various insects with the Bug Hotel, and providing a haven for birds with a feedstation and table, this space becomes an immersive classroom for young learners.

Elevate your playground with the Nature Area – a harmonious blend of education and environmental stewardship. Let this rejuvenated space be a testament to the importance of fostering a deep connection with nature, providing a sanctuary for both wildlife and the imaginations of the children who explore it.


  • Large Insect Hotel
  • Bird Table & Bath
  • Trellis & Planters
  • Climbing & Sensory Planting
  • Pond
  • Bark Surfacing

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