Children’s Motiv8 Multi-Gym


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About the Product

Tailored for up to 8 users, our Children’s Motiv8 Multi-Gym is meticulously designed to amplify the ‘fun’ element. Focused exclusively on cardiovascular exercise, this multi gym guarantees nothing but cheerful faces during workouts.

We’ve innovatively combined two units each of our Health Walkers, Air Skiers, Sky Steppers, and Horse Riders, creating a comprehensive multi-gym that accommodates up to 8 individuals exercising simultaneously.

Recognizing that the primary catalyst for encouraging children to engage in physical activity is ensuring they have a great time, the Children’s Motiv8 stands as our top choice, designed to entice even the most hesitant children to exercise.

Technical Information:

  • Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for simultaneous use by up to eight users below 140cm / 4’7″ in height


  • The ultimate ‘fun factor’ multi-gym.
  • A complete social exercise experience.
  • Reduce childhood obesity with cardiovascular exercises.
  • Minimal footprint to reduce space required.
  • Safety system including safety stops and rubber trims.

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