Deluxe Mud Kitchen


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About the Product

Embark on a grand culinary adventure with our Deluxe Mud Kitchen – the largest gem in our range, promising an expansive canvas for imaginative play. Crafted from quality treated timber, this mud kitchen stands tall with a robust free-standing design, ensuring durability for countless creative escapades.

The Deluxe Mud Kitchen is not just a play space; it’s a culinary haven equipped with an impressive array of features. The spacious counter top, adorned with shelves, provides ample room for aspiring chefs to concoct their messy masterpieces. A large and durable Belfast sink, imitation taps, and hob rings add a touch of authenticity, transforming playtime into a real-world role-playing experience. Hanging hooks contribute to the functionality by providing convenient storage for utensils and tools.

As children engage in the delightful messiness of play within our Deluxe Mud Kitchen, they unlock a myriad of developmental benefits. Messy play, in this setting, becomes a conduit for sensory exploration, promoting creativity, and providing a tangible experience of cause and effect. Real-world role play and imaginative scenarios flourish, fostering social interaction and cooperative play among young chefs.

Step into a world where culinary creativity knows no bounds – our Deluxe Mud Kitchen is not just a play structure; it’s a gateway to messy play magic, real-world role play, and boundless imaginative adventures for the little ones.

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: L: 1.80m W: 0.65m, H: 0.87m


  • Quality treated and eased edge timber construction
  • Wipe clean work surface and splash back
  • Oven and controls
  • Hob rings
  • Hanging and shelf storage
  • Easy clean Belfast Sink and Imitation Taps

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