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About the Product

Step into our Construction Zone, a haven for all budding builders and little architects in the making. This imaginative play space is thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and hands-on exploration. The boundaries of the Construction Zone are clearly defined by landscape logs or playgrade sleeper retention, creating a dedicated area where young minds can bring their construction dreams to life.

The floor of the Construction Zone is a canvas waiting to be filled, with the option to use multiple loose fill surfaces such as bark, shingle, or sand. These textures not only add a sensory dimension to the play but also allow children to engage with various materials, enhancing their tactile experiences.

Within this dynamic environment, children can immerse themselves in a world of construction wonders. The play area features platforms, sand stores equipped with a bucket and pulley system, activity table with belfast sink, a workbench for crafting, site plan chalkboard and a builders yard materials store. Construction-themed signage, along with essential tools like spades, diggers, hard hats, and hi-vis jackets, completes the immersive experience.

The benefits of role play within the Construction Zone extend beyond mere play. As children take on the roles of builders, they are not just constructing imaginary structures; they are navigating through real-world scenarios. Role play becomes a powerful tool for learning and development, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interaction. The incorporation of realistic elements, such as construction materials and safety gear, adds authenticity to their play, making the experience both enjoyable and educational.

In our Construction Zone, every child becomes a master builder, laying the foundation for a love of learning and a appreciation for the world of construction. Welcome to a space where imagination meets real-world exploration, and the joy of play is a cornerstone for growth and development.


  • Treated Timber Landscape Log or Sleeper Timber Retention
  • Loose fill infills – Bark, Shingle & Sand
  • Play Platforms
  • Bucket & Pulley System
  • Builders Yard Material Store
  • Activity Table with Belfast Sink
  • Workbench
  • Site Plan Chalkboard
  • Construction Themed Signage
  • Saw Shaped ‘Construction Zone’ Sign
  • Hard Hats & Hi-Vis Jackets

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