Grow Through Rubber Matting


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About the Product

Introducing our Grow-Through Grass Matting – the innovative solution to enhance school playgrounds with lush greenery and a touch of nature. This specialized matting is designed to seamlessly integrate with natural grass, offering a visually appealing and environmentally friendly alternative for creating vibrant play areas.

The Grow-Through Grass Matting not only provides a robust surface for play but also allows grass to grow through its structure, preserving the natural beauty of the landscape. This unique feature ensures that the matting becomes an integral part of the playground, seamlessly blending with the surrounding greenery.

Ideal for school playgrounds, the Grow-Through Grass Matting promotes a safe and sustainable environment for children to play and explore. Its sturdy construction provides a stable surface for various activities, while the incorporation of live grass brings an added element of sensory delight.

This eco-friendly solution not only transforms the school playground into a green oasis but also instills a sense of environmental responsibility in young minds. Watch as children engage with nature, enjoying the benefits of a play area that seamlessly merges the beauty of live grass with the durability of specialized matting.

Elevate your school playground experience with our Grow-Through Grass Matting – a perfect harmony of nature and play, fostering a connection with the outdoors while providing a resilient surface for countless hours of joy and learning.

Technical Information:

  • These mats have been tested to the critical fall height (CFH) of 2.95 metres.
  • (Black) 1500mm x 1000mm x 23mm thick.
  • Tested by RAPRA to BS1177


  • Interlocking design for easy fitting (Joining ties and fixing pegs supplied)
  • No costly base work required.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Absorbs shock and noise
  • Reduces ground erosion
  • Large opening of 25mm diameter holes allows liquid and debris to drain keeping the surface clean and dry.
  • Ideal for green field sites, the mat disappears from view once the grass has grown through.
  • No costly base work required.

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