Loose Fill Bark


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About the Product

Introducing our Playgrade Bark Chippings – the perfect choice for creating a safe and inviting play surface in any playground. Specially designed with the well-being of children in mind, these bark chippings offer a natural and shock-absorbing solution for play areas.

Crafted from high-quality, play-tested materials, our Playgrade Bark Chippings provide an effective cushioning layer that helps reduce the risk of injury from falls. The natural texture and earthy tones of the chippings create an aesthetically pleasing environment, blending seamlessly with outdoor surroundings.

Ideal for use in playgrounds, parks, and recreational spaces, our Playgrade Bark Chippings meet safety standards and ensure a comfortable surface for various activities. Whether children are running, jumping, or engaging in imaginative play, the chippings offer a supportive foundation for their adventures.

In addition to enhancing safety, these bark chippings also contribute to the overall well-being of the environment. Made from sustainable sources, they provide an eco-friendly solution that aligns with a commitment to both safety and sustainability.

Transform your playground into a secure and natural play haven with our Playgrade Bark Chippings. Create an inviting space where children can play freely, knowing that every step is cushioned by a layer of high-quality, environmentally conscious material.

Technical Information:

  • Depth and area required dependent on the type of equipment and critical fall height to be achieved
  • Needs low retention wall and geo-textile membrane


  • Made from large bark nuggets making more robust and longer lasting than ornamental bark.

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