Shingle & Cobbles


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About the Product

Introducing our innovative Shingle and Cobble Surface – a versatile solution for enhancing playground environments. Create an engaging and textured play area by incorporating 10mm shingle or Scottish cobbles into the surface, adding an extra layer of sensory exploration for children.

The use of natural materials not only contributes to a visually appealing landscape but also brings a tactile element to play. The incorporation of these materials introduces varied textures, stimulating a child’s senses as they explore and interact with the surface.

Ideal for construction and water play areas, our Shingle and Cobble Surface offers a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. The natural look and feel of the shingle or cobbles contribute to a harmonious play environment, fostering creativity and imagination.

Elevate your playground experience with our Shingle and Cobble Surface – a distinctive choice that combines the beauty of natural materials with the practicality for construction and water play zones.

Technical Information:

  • As this item is designed to suit your landscape, there are no set dimensions. We adapted to meet your requirements


  • A mixture of textured materials to stimulate the senses

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