Natural Playground Amphitheatre


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About the Product

Introducing the Natural Play Amphitheatre – a harmonious integration of nature and play that maximizes every part of your playground. This innovative design makes use of a natural slope, transforming areas that are sometimes left unused due to safety concerns into dynamic spaces for learning and creativity.

Designed with a creative approach, the Natural Play Amphitheatre encourages the optimal use of playground topography. It serves as a versatile solution for making the most of every corner, providing a safe and engaging space for various activities. The amphitheatre can be utilized as an outdoor classroom or as audience seating in front of a performance stage, fostering both educational and entertaining experiences.

Incorporating natural retention, the amphitheatre creates steps in the typography that serve as built-in seating. This not only adds a charming aesthetic to the playground but also encourages social interaction and group activities. To ensure consistent access, surfacing options like artificial grass or mulch can be applied, offering a safe and inviting environment for children.

Elevate your playground design with the Natural Play Amphitheatre – a transformative solution that turns natural slopes into functional spaces, providing opportunities for learning, performance, and social connection. Rediscover the potential of every inch in your playground and create a dynamic outdoor experience for children.


  • Imaginative use of the contours of the land
  • Harmonious use of both natural and man-made materials to maximize play value and year round use

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