Embankment Structures


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About the Product

Introducing our innovative Embankment Slide Play Structure, a creative and versatile solution designed to maximize the use of slopes and embankments in school playgrounds. This unique play structure turns once awkward landscapes into thrilling opportunities for children to explore and play. Completely customizable, it features various elements such as platforms, rock ramps, log ramps, steps, interactive play panels, and roofs, creating a dynamic and diverse play environment tailored to each location.

The Embankment Slide Play Structure goes beyond conventional designs by offering thematic adaptability. Whether resembling a castle on the hill or another imaginative concept, this play structure adds an element of fantasy to the playground. The integration of natural elements, such as rock and log ramps, fosters a connection with the outdoors, encouraging adventure and imaginative play.

More than just a visually appealing addition, our Embankment Slide promotes physical fitness, motor skill development, and cognitive stimulation. Children can climb, explore hidden passages, and descend down the exhilarating slide, all while engaging in active, imaginative play. Transform your school playground into a haven of fun and creativity with this one-of-a-kind solution that seamlessly blends with the existing landscape, creating a memorable and exciting play experience for children of all ages.

Technical Information:

  • Technical information dependent on design


  • Treated timber construction
  • Stainless steel slide to suit the natural slope
  • Various different features can be included such as Rock Ramp, Log Ramp, Ropes Nets etc.
  • Completely customisable to suit the space and slope.

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