Activity Tables


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About the Product

Elevate outdoor learning with our Activity Tables – a testament to quality treated timber construction and a robust design that stands up to the rigors of imaginative play. Designed to provide a dedicated space for children to work outdoors, these tables offer a seamless blend of functionality and natural aesthetics.

The large countertop, coupled with storage shelves below, creates an expansive workspace for a variety of activities. The inclusion of a Belfast sink adds versatility to the table, accommodating a range of endeavours from potion making and messy play to crafts and construction play.

Our Activity Tables are adaptable and multifunctional, making them a valuable addition to any outdoor learning environment. As children engage in diverse activities, they benefit from the tactile experiences of outdoor play, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interaction.

Crafted with the natural environment in mind, these tables are designed to seamlessly blend into outdoor spaces. The quality treated timber construction not only ensures durability but also contributes to the tables’ aesthetic harmony with the surrounding nature.

Invest in enriching the outdoor learning experience with our Activity Tables, where the benefits of hands-on engagement and exploration meet the beauty of the natural environment.

Technical Information:

  • L: 1.59m, W: 1.05m, H: 0.62m


  • Treated Timber Frame
  • Belfast Sink
  • Storage Shelf

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