Waterfall Trays


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About the Product

Dive into the world of water play with our versatile range of children’s water trays, available in an array of shapes and sizes. Our modular collection ensures there’s a perfect fit for everyone’s needs. Crafted with durability in mind, these water trays feature a robust timber construction, enhanced by plastic sluice gates and other engaging elements, providing an ideal platform for exploring the physical characteristics of water and liquids through play.

Designed to cater to a wide age range, our children’s water trays offer increasing complexity, varied footprints, and adjustable heights, making them suitable for the entire primary age group. From simple setups to more intricate designs, these water trays provide an immersive experience that grows with the developmental stages of the children.

In the realm of education, especially in Early Years settings where child-led learning is paramount, the importance of equipment that facilitates learning through play cannot be overstated. Our water trays align seamlessly with this educational philosophy, offering a versatile and interactive resource for teachers. As children engage with the trays, they naturally explore and learn about the properties of water, fostering curiosity and a hands-on understanding of the physical world.

Embrace the evolving nature of water play with our modular children’s water trays, where exploration knows no bounds. Whether in a compact early years setting or a larger primary school environment, these trays cater to diverse needs, providing an essential tool for child-led learning through the joyful medium of water play.


Technical Information:

  • Water Basins are 0.65m x 0.65m.
  • Channels are 1.00m x 0.21m


  • Modular system allows for one, two or more Basins & Channels
  • Quality treated timber construction
  • Water Basin bases & Sluice Gates are HDPE plastic

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