Bespoke Play Ship


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About the Product

Imagine a custom-crafted maritime adventure right in your playground—introducing our Bespoke Play Ship, meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into any available space. The ship theme not only adds a touch of nautical wonder but serves as a catalyst for sparking children’s imagination, creating an immersive play experience brimming with excitement and play value.

Our Bespoke Play Ship goes beyond mere aesthetics, offering a diverse range of features to engage and challenge children physically and mentally. Picture thrilling descents down incorporated slides, navigating the undulating terrain with rock and log ramps, or conquering a ropes wall and traverse for a multifaceted physical challenge. The addition of clatter bridges enhances the play experience, fostering balance, coordination, and teamwork among young adventurers.

Tailored to your specific playground dimensions and layout, the Bespoke Play Ship is a versatile and adaptable solution that maximizes available space. The carefully curated design ensures that every corner becomes a potential hub for imaginative play, turning the ordinary into an extraordinary maritime escapade. From climbing the rigging to exploring hidden nooks, children are immersed in a world of creativity and physical activity, making the Bespoke Play Ship a standout feature in any playground setting.

Technical Information:

  • As this item is designed to suit your landscape, there are no set dimensions etc as the units components can be adapted to meet your requirements


  • Ship Bow with Traverse Wall
  • Palm Tree and Parallel Rope Access
  • 600mm Play Deck with Ships Wheel
  • Rock Ramp
  • Clatter Bridge
  • 900mm Deck with Porthole Window
  • Log Ramp
  • HDPE Slide
  • Sail Shade Canopy

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