Junior Play Ship


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About the Product

The Junior Play Ship, our largest vessel, stands as an ideal addition to the KS2 playground, offering an expansive adventure arena tailored to the dynamic needs of older children. Boasting decks at both 1500mm and 1800mm heights, this ship provides a spectrum of challenges suitable for various abilities. Its substantial size not only accommodates a large number of children simultaneously but also ensures a captivating play experience with ample space for exploration and creativity.

This maritime marvel is designed with versatility in mind, making it adaptable for a KS1 playground with modifications tailored to the younger age group. The ship’s intricate features include a Bowspirit with Vertical Scramble Net, a challenging Bow with Rock Traverse Wall, a Log Ramp, Parallel Ropes, a Rope Bridge, a Quarter deck at 1.20m, a Fireman’s Pole, Domed Windows, a Rope Ladder, a Vertical Rock Wall, and a Ship Hold crafted for Den Making, complete with Portholes. To top it off, a Sail Shade Canopy provides a shaded retreat for maritime adventures even on sunny days.

With such an array of exciting elements, the Junior Play Ship transforms the playground into a captivating maritime realm where children can climb, traverse, imagine, and collaborate, fostering both physical and cognitive development in a fun and engaging way.

Technical Information:

  • L: 12.22m, W: 6.79m, H: 4.29m
  • Minimum Space Requirement = 11.78m x 6.44m
  • Free height of fall = 1.20m
  • Safety surface area = 36m2 minimum


  • Bowspirit with Vertical Scramble Net
  • Bow with Rock Traverse Wall
  • Quarter deck at 1.50m
  • Log Ramp
  • Parallel Ropes
  • Rope Bridge
  • Main Deck at 1.80mm
  • Firemans Pole
  • Domed Windows
  • Rope Ladder
  • Vertical Rock Wall
  • Ship Hold for Den Making with Portholes
  • Sail Shade Canopy

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