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About the Product

The Brecon structure combines some of the most popular Fitness and Adventure Trail items in a single unit. Using both high level and low-level items, the Brecon is great for balance, co-ordination, strength and confidence. Its large size means that it can accommodate a number of children and any one time offering great play value. Due to its modular nature, we are able offer a number of configurations to suit various age ranges and abilities.


Technical Information:

  • L: 7.01m, W: 3.30m. H: 2.76
  • Minimum Space Requirement: Dependent on configuration.
  • Safety surfacing requirement dependent on configuration.


  • Treated Timber Frame
  • Mixture of Low Level and High Level Trail Elements
  • Traverse Rope
  • Swinging Steps
  • Tyre Traverse
  • Traverse Wall
  • Vertical Scramble & Spiders Web Net Options
  • Parallel & Cross Ropes
  • Log Ladder

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