Grizedale Clamber Stack


clamber-stack-worsley-2 clamber-stack-worsley

About the Product

One of the larger structures in our Forest Explorer range, the Grizedale allows for even more children to climb and play in safe yet exciting ways. This play structure is made from the highest quality sustainably sourced timber.


Technical Information:

  • L: 6.46m, W: 3.13m, H: 2.93m
  • Minimum Space Requirement: 10.05m x 6.13m
  • Free height of fall = 1.50m
  • Safety surface area = 45m2 minimum


  • High quality sustainably sourced timber – UK grown pine
  • Uniquely Patterned Timbers
  • Climb Nets
  • Scramble Logs
  • Balance Beams
  • Support Ropes
  • HDPE Climbing Wall
  • Drop Ropes



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