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About the Product

Water trays for children come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Our Niagara range of children’s water trays hopefully has something that meets everyone’s needs.  With a durable timber construction, plastic sluice gates and other features, our children’s water trays provide the opportunity to explore and learn about the physical characteristics of water and liquids through play. Increasing in complexity, footprint and height these water trays for children cover the full primary age range.  With teachers, particularly in Early Years, having to practice child led learning, providing equipment that facilitates learning through play is becoming more and more essential. Please do remember that this range of children’s water trays needs either to be installed in the ground or as a minimum secured to the ground.


Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: L: 1.80m, W: 0.70m, H: 0.06m


  • Three Storage Bays
  • Hanging Spades
  • Three Removable Signs
  • Construction Themed Safety Signs

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