Den Making & Fire Pit


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About the Product

Step into the world of limitless imagination with our Den Making area – a space designed to inspire creativity and teamwork. Our Den Making area invites children to think outside the box, encouraging them to let their imagination run wild. It serves as the perfect playground for collaborative, imaginative play, fostering teamwork and shared learning experiences.

As children embark on their adventure through imaginary play, they build not just dens, but also essential life skills. The Den Making area becomes a platform for teamwork, as children of all ages work together to construct their imaginative shelters. This interactive and engaging activity promotes communication and problem-solving skills in a playful setting.

Our Den Making area is not just a physical space; it’s a canvas for building memories and developing essential life skills. Whether constructing forts, hideouts, or cosy retreats, children of all ages find a space to express their creativity and learn together


  • Imitation Camp Fire
  • Den Making Kit – Includes Natural Manilla Rope and Camouflaged Net and a Tarpaulin sheet to create Den Structure
  • Timber Den Making posts – Round Treated Timber Posts with multiple drill holes

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