Insect Hotel



About the Product

Transform your school playground into a buzzing hub of discovery with our Insect Hotel – a thoughtfully designed and compact structure that not only invites insects but also creates a unique opportunity for children to observe and study them up close. Crafted with a variety of insect-friendly spaces, this hotel is a valuable educational tool, making the study of insects and their behavior both manageable and captivating.

The compact design ensures that our Insect Hotel can be seamlessly integrated into small nooks on the playground, maximizing space and opportunities for observation. Constructed with natural untreated timber, our Insect Hotel provides a safe and inviting haven for a diverse range of insects. The inclusion of nesting tubes, clear nest tubes, lacewing chamber, solitary beehive, and a big bug magnified area offers a multitude of habitats, making it an ideal space for diverse insect species to thrive.

This insect hotel goes beyond being a mere structure; it’s a living classroom that enriches the curriculum by providing hands-on learning experiences. Children can witness the fascinating behaviors of bees, lacewings, and other insects, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Elevate your outdoor learning environment with the Insect Hotel – a captivating addition that not only encourages biodiversity but also serves as a dynamic tool for curriculum development. Watch as your school playground becomes a hub of curiosity and exploration, where children actively engage with the captivating world of insects, all within a compact and space-efficient design.


  • Natural un-treated timber
  • Nesting tubes
  • Clear nest tubes
  • Lacewing chamber
  • Solitary beehive
  • Big Bug magnified area

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