Large Insect Hotel


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About the Product

“Introduce a world of wonder to your school playground with our Large Bug Hotel – a versatile and eco-friendly structure designed to foster a connection between children and the fascinating world of insects. Crafted from recycled pallets, this insect hotel not only contributes to sustainability but also serves as an educational tool for understanding and appreciating wildlife.

Featuring a variety of fillers such as straw, bamboo, and branches, our bug hotel provides a welcoming habitat for a diverse range of insects. It becomes a thriving ecosystem within the playground, inviting children to study and observe the intricate behaviors of bees, butterflies, and other fascinating critters. As an exciting bonus, there may even be sightings of hedgehogs, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the outdoor learning experience.

This adaptable bug hotel is not just a shelter for insects; it’s a classroom where children can learn about the importance of biodiversity and the role insects play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. By using recycled pallets, we not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also teach children the value of repurposing materials for the benefit of nature.

Enrich your school environment with the Large Bug Hotel – an engaging, educational, and sustainable addition that sparks curiosity, promotes ecological awareness, and connects children to the captivating world of insects, and possibly even hedgehogs, right in their own playground.”


  • Upcycled wooden pallets
  • Variety of fillers (straw, bamboo, branches etc)

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