Large Timber Play House



About the Product

Unleash the joy of play with our Large Treated Timber Playhouse, where imagination takes center stage! This expansive playhouse is designed to foster social interaction and imaginative play, offering ample space for a group of children to engage in delightful activities simultaneously. Crafted entirely from timber, it seamlessly blends into natural play environments, creating a charming space for endless adventures.

The Large Treated Timber Playhouse is a gathering place for young minds to come together. Its generous size accommodates multiple children, promoting social interaction, cooperation, and the development of essential teamwork skills. Watch as friendships blossom within this charming play haven.

Imagination knows no bounds within the walls of this playhouse. Children are invited to explore new worlds, create fantastical scenarios, and immerse themselves in a realm of make-believe. The playhouse becomes a captivating space for shared adventures, where every corner is a stage for the unfolding stories and performances created by the young imaginative minds.

Crafted with the beauty of natural timber, this playhouse harmonizes with outdoor settings, providing a serene and eco-friendly play environment. The all-timber construction not only ensures durability but also enhances the connection between children and the natural world, fostering a sense of appreciation for their surroundings.

Recognizing the significance of role play for children, our Large Treated Timber Playhouse encourages the development of essential life skills. Engaging in imaginative scenarios nurtures creativity, communication, and problem-solving abilities, laying the foundation for well-rounded individuals.

Step into a world of endless possibilities with our Large Treated Timber Playhouse. Whether hosting imaginary tea parties, creating fantastical worlds, or simply enjoying the joy of shared play, this playhouse becomes a cherished space where memories are made, and childhood dreams come to life. Welcome to a haven of play and imagination!

Technical Information:

  • Actual dimensions L: 2.16m, W: 1.80m, H: 1.78m


  • Quality treated timber frame, wall panels, bench seat, shelves and roof
  • Optional timber floor

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