Play Mound


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About the Product

Introducing the Play Mound – a versatile and dynamic addition to your playground that brings a world of imaginative play to life. Crafted with a strong plastic underground tunnel, the Play Mound offers endless possibilities for exploration and creativity.

Choose from a variety of retaining sides, including sleepers, landscape logs, and HDPE plastic, to customize the look and feel of your Play Mound. Whether installed on a flat playground to add dimension or in a naturally sloped area to seamlessly blend into the landscape, this feature becomes a focal point of play.

The Play Mound is more than just a physical structure; it’s a catalyst for the benefits of play. Children engage in active, imaginative play as they climb, crawl, and explore the tunnel, promoting physical fitness and enhancing motor skills.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Play Mound offers a range of surfacing options to complement your playground’s theme and safety requirements. From synthetic turf to rubberized surfaces, you can customize the mound to suit your unique play environment.

Elevate your playground with the Play Mound – a transformative feature that not only adds excitement and dimension but also fosters the numerous benefits of play. Watch as children’s creativity and physical abilities flourish in the dynamic landscape of the Play Mound.


  • Strong plastic underground tunnel.
  • Choice of retaining sides: Sleepers, landscape logs, HDPE plastic.
  • Can be installed on flat playground to add dimension.
  • Can be installed in a naturally sloped are to blend into the landscape.
  • Range of surfacing can be used to finish mound.

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