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About the Product

Introducing the Sunrise, a compact climbing structure tailored for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) play areas. Comprising a 900mm high deck crowned with a timber roof, this structure offers two access points and a HDPE slide for delightful play experiences. Additionally, it features a ‘Den’ designed to foster socialization and imaginative play among young children.

The inherent modularity of this unit presents a versatile playground solution. The flexibility allows for the customization of play elements; for instance, stairs can be seamlessly integrated. Furthermore, the arrangement of items can be easily switched to adapt to the available space, ensuring that the Sunrise can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of any play area.

Technical Information:

  • L: 3.25m, W: 1.70m, H: 2.45m
  • Minimum space requirement = 6.70m x 4.80m
  • Free height of fall = 0.90m
  • Safety surface area = 28m2 minimum


  • 900mm HDPE Slide
  • Rope net climb
  • Rock ramp with pull up rope
  • Den under deck with bench seating
  • Treated timber roof



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