Rectangular Sand Box


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About the Product

Discover simplicity and fun with our Rectangular Sand Boxes! These spacious play areas offer ample room for activities, featuring a fully lined interior for endless imaginative play. The inclusion of a central timber bench seat not only provides a comfortable perch but also supports the provided vinyl cover. This cover acts as a protective shield, keeping out unwanted animals, and is securely fastened with an elasticated rope to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Beyond the joy of play, our Rectangular Sand Boxes contribute significantly to developmental growth. Sand play is a proven avenue for enhancing sensory experiences, fine motor skills, and cognitive development in children. As they manipulate the sand, little ones engage in a host of beneficial activities that foster creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction. With our Rectangular Sand Boxes, the fun extends far beyond the surface, providing a foundation for well-rounded and enriching childhood development.

Technical Information:

  • L: 2.40m W: 1.80m H: 0.33m


  • Quality treated timber construction
  • Fully lined interior
  • Timber bench seat
  • Commercial specification vinyl cover with elasticated rope fixing

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