Sliding Lid Sandbox


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About the Product

Introducing our Sliding Lid Sandbox – a premium play space meticulously crafted from quality treated timber, ensuring a robust and stable structure for endless fun. This innovative sandbox features two sliding lids, seamlessly operated with handles fixed on each side. Not only do these lids make it easy to access the sand for play, but they also provide a quick solution to shield the sandbox from unexpected wet weather and deter unwanted animal visitors.

The functionality of the lids goes beyond protection; they serve as additional play surfaces, expanding the activity area for children. With the lids open, young ones have more space to engage with the sand, unleashing their creativity in a larger play area.

Beyond the sheer enjoyment of play, the benefits of sand play on child development are numerous. Our Sliding Lid Sandbox becomes a playground for enhancing sensory experiences, fine motor skills, and cognitive growth. Manipulating the sand encourages imaginative play, problem-solving, and social interaction, fostering holistic development in a safe and controlled environment.

Invest in the perfect blend of quality and functionality with our Sliding Lid Sandbox – where every play session becomes an adventure in growth and exploration.

Technical Information:

  • Sand Box size = L: 1.60m W: 1.80m H: 0.42m. Overall Size (open) = L: 3.00m W: 1.80m H: 0.42m


  • Quality treated timber frame and lids

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